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KCOBA Community

At King's College, we value our alumni. We want you to keep in touch with us- wherever you are in the world.Always find a place in you to join our great union where ever you are.....

King's College Lagos has since inception been a citadel of excellence in academics, sports and students' character. It has maintained this status through the years, till date and remains a reference point in the educational landscape of Nigeria. In recognition of its immense and consistent contributions towards the development of the society, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in the year 2009, conferred on the College the enviable status of, 'Historical Monument', the first of such in sub-Sahara Africa. Consequently, the alumni have through the years, been pioneers in diverse areas of professional and academic pursuits.

King's College Old Boys have continued to make indelible imprints in the sands of time in Nigeria and all over the world, and the Association, otherwise known by the acronym, 'KCOBA', is clearly primus inter pares among alumni associations in Nigeria. The KCOBA has been in existence for over seven decades and is a well organized association, duly incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission. It has a functional constitution which governs it's affairs and it is presided over by a President who is at the helm of an executive committee, whose members are democratically elected at the Annual General Meeting. However, no elected office holder can be elected more than five times to the same office.

Presently, the KCOBA has taken up the challenge of restoring, preserving and developing the physical, intellectual, moral and social fabric of the institution. This is due to the several years of inadequate funding and dereliction attributable to the over-burdened Federal Ministry of Education of Nigeria-the department of Government hitherto solely responsible for upkeep of the College, which is a Federal Government Institution. The Association has consistently raised colossal sums of money which have been prudently deployed towards this end. The effects are clearly visible for all to see in the College. The sustenance of the legacy of King's College is an on-going one to which the Association is strongly committed and this is being achieved through donations and contributions from alumni and friends of the college within Nigeria and from all over the world.

The King's College Old Boy's Association is run by an Executive Committee which co-ordinates all the activities of the Association. It is led by a President. Membership is by elections which are held annually at the Annual General Meeting.This is usually held in September of each year after the Founders' Day Celebrations. No member may be elected more than five times into an office, hence the maximum tenure for any office holder is a cumulative of five years. We hereby invite you to be part of a very noble and worthy cause.